On 12 April, this year I succeeded Mr. Hemant Batra a long time Secretary General of SAARCLAW and a great friend

12 Apr 2016

On 12 April, this year I succeeded Mr. Hemant Batra a long time Secretary General of SAARCLAW and a great friend. Hemant as the SG aimed for achievements without bothering for success or failure and he achieved everything that he aimed for with great success. Today SAARCLAW has a global visibility and is recognized by multilateral agencies and international organizations of great repute. One of his great achievement has been the setting up of SAARCLAW secretariat in Kathmandu with a grant from the Asian Development Bank , under the leadership of Chief Justice Sonam Tobgye and support from Chief Justice Kalyan Shreshta (both former Presidents of SAARCLAW).

As the Secretary General, I would like to see the institutionalization of SAARCLAW and ensure some kind of permanency for our Secretariat so that it can survive the post grant era. The Secretariat will serve SAARCLAW and its constituents--the country chapters. The secretariat is headed by an Executive Director and is functional to provide service to the country chapters. To sustain the Secretariat the EXCO will have to look for innovative means to generate revenue for SAARCLAW.

Institutionalizing SAARCLAW is a challenge for the entire SAARCLAW family. The SAARCLAW family has the resources and legal acumen to meet this challenge successfully. We can overcome all hurdles and challenges only with the persistent and active support of the national Chapters. Our combined and collective commitment and actions in the days ahead will determine the fate of the Secretariat and the consequent institutionalizing of SAARCLAW.

The SAARCLAW family must, however, remain on guard against personal traps of false pride and conceit. SAARCLAW must collectively work for achieving its noble and laudable objectives. Let us proceed with confidence to achieve the goals of SAARCLAW. Confidence with unity can help us reach amazing heights, without collective confidence of the SAARCLAW family nothing will be in our grasp, not to say of accomplishing SAARCLAW objectives. I propose to work very closely with our Country Chapters to push for the achievement of SAARC objectives and make it an organization of which the South Asian Legal fraternity could be proud of.

I also take this opportunity of congratulating a rejuvenated Sri Lankan Chapter under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Nihal Jayamanne. Sri Lankans had been in the forefront of the formation of SAARCLAW and the most enthusiastic of all. I do not know why they disappeared from the SAARCLAW formation for a few years. But with Mr. Nihal Jayamanne leading the Chapter, I am extremely confident and hopeful that the Chapter will be in its old element and provide guidance and leadership to SAARCLAW. I found Mr. Nihal to be a wonderful person of great qualities of mind and heart, it will be a great honour and a privilege for me to work alongside with him and seek guidance from him as and when required.

We will also take initiatives to help countries like Maldives and Afghanistan to form vibrant Chapters.

Mr. Muhammad Mohsen Rashid
Secretary General