Laws and Reforms: Siamese Twins

02 Mar 2011

Laws and reforms are inseparable, laws bring about reforms and reforms bring about new laws. One cannot make out as to which of the two comes first. The process of liberalization entails creation of new ambience where some of our old laws have been rendered either redundant or incompatible and many more laws needing to be re-written. But, if the legal fabrication and handling are not geared up to the economic change that is sought to be brought about, the pace of economic change will be stifled and consequently failing to achieve the desired results. In a society governed by the rule of law, it is the law, which must ensure the proper framework in which the economic change can be brought about smoothly and without any abrasion. The law cannot survive in vacuum, it has to change, re-interpret and recast itself so as to meet the changing norms and values of the society. Law charged with basic values of life does play a vital and driving role in contribution towards social well being by bringing about social and economic change. All of us have to play an important role in bringing about socio-economic changes in our society by facilitating and creating new structures and institutions that help in the process of the said changes. Law has to move forward and keep pace with the changing times.