My Platform Of Thoughts

15 Feb 2011

This piece of information or let us say words of wisdom, which I'm sharing with you through this note of mine are not my original ideas or thoughts; but it was shared with me some time back by a friend indeed and I cannot but stop myself from putting it on public display for I feel that it can benefit one and all. It’s a waste if wisdom isn’t shared.

My friend’s e-mail quoted an Angel saying that one should never ever borrow anything from the future. If you fret or bother about something, which you anticipate or think may happen in the future and which actually does not happen, then you have worried in vain. Assuming that it does happen in the future then you have actually worried for the same thing twice.

My friend also advised me to do certain things regularly in order to improve my quality of life and overall personality; amongst various other things, his advice included-starting the day with a simple prayer as an acknowledgment to the God for having given you a high life condition, starting the day early so as to ensure that the routine does not get hyper and hassled, learn to love one's own self or in other words physical/mental health, learn to say no to assignments which do not fit in to your time schedule or will adversely affect your health, simplify and un-clutter your surroundings and consequently your life, believe in the Motto-less is more, it's better to finish work or reach for a meeting before time, live one day at a time, differentiate between worries and concerns, concerns need solution which is inside you and it's just a question of identifying the same, live within your means, speak minimal and only when the situation requires, don't let the kid inside you die, eat right, find time to be alone for some time at least every day, try to be kind to all because forgiver is actually the real winner, take your work seriously but not your own self and finally every night before you sleep thank God for one thing for which you have not thanked earlier.